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Mount Whitney Camping

Hey ya’ll… so let’s talk about this big prominent thing called Mount Whitney. As the writer of this blog, I haven’t actually hiked Mt. Whitney — that’s actually Brian’s department. Backpacking Mt. Whitney may be in my near future, possibly. Anyways, we camped at the Family campsite, which has reservations but is also a first-come-first-reserve… Continue reading Mount Whitney Camping

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

In the slew of many squashes out there, I’ll talk about one… the spaghetti squash. I remember first encountering this autumn veggie during my college days. One of my classes was a presentation class and we had to teach, educate, and present our topics to the class. Someone brought in spaghetti squash, I was like,… Continue reading How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

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Shirataki Noodles – Cooking Diaries

There are days when I overdo on my intake of foods, so sometimes I want to eat something but without adding a lot of my calories from carbohydrates whether it’s┬ápasta, breads, and other starchy food items. I believe everything in moderation but sometimes when you eat too much of one thing in a given day… Continue reading Shirataki Noodles – Cooking Diaries

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Roasted Chicken – Cooking Diaries

As a dietitian, it is best that you know how to cook. If you can teach a person to cook, you give them the skills to feed themselves for a lifetime and a whole lot of other hungry people as well. *Side note* A little background about myself, I started cooking around 9 years of… Continue reading Roasted Chicken – Cooking Diaries

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Baby Back Ribs and Summer Salad – Cooking Diaries

The key to my boyfriend’s heart is to his stomach. I know a phrase people always say, but it’s true. My boyfriend’s heart is located in his gastrointestinal tract, starting from his tastebuds down to the woohoo! My boyfriend loves my baby back ribs. I made these initially for fun, then made them for a… Continue reading Baby Back Ribs and Summer Salad – Cooking Diaries