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Travel Diaries – Boulder, Colorado

We went to Boulder, Colorado. Home to the glorious Rocky Mountains, Coors beer, a ton of recreational Mary Janes, and a place called Denver. I’ve been to Denver before and boy do they have great food, but this trip is all about our time in Boulder, CO.

Brian and I initially went to Boulder on a mission — and that mission was to surprise his

two cousins for their birthdays. Yes, he pretended he wasn’t going. Yes, we bought the tickets to go. Yes, we went without accommodations. Yes, it was pretty planned but sort of unplanned. Yes, Brian thought him being there was the best birthday gift ever — jk. But he sure did want to shock them that we were there, too!

We got to Colorado first, but first we slept at the airport upon our arrival. Yes, we had to sleep at the airport for we were going to rent a car and head towards the Rocky Mountains first.

TIP: Bring ear plugs, sleeping mask, and sleeping bags. Sleeping at the airport is noisy and the lights are always on. But you can always push two lounge chairs together to make a bed plus keep things warm with a sleeping bag.

After the airport, we headed off to the Rocky Mountains. There we had snow fights, took pictures with a snowman, and swung on a hammock. Yup, this is what it’s like to play in the snow, lol.

Then we got some brunch at Notchtop Bakery & Cafe. Got some cinnamon roll french toast and Brian got steak.

After that, we headed towards the Best Western Plus in the city of Boulder. We staked out here, waiting for his family to come. In the process of waiting, we went to Sweet Cow for some ice cream and had dinner at Flower Pepper Restaurant. Yummy ice cream and Chinese food, what can be better? Plus we went to Sanitas Brewing Company for some Colorado beers.

The process of waiting for the cousins to arrive took about 5 hours, for we didn’t tell them we were coming. Turns out, they were ice skating and eating and having fun in Denver, CO. While we waited patiently for them.

Finally, they had come and we were so excited. We saw his cousins’s khaki pants and they were shocked. After the surprise, we went to Avery Brewing for some local beers and food. It was a fun night.

The next day we hiked in the snow at Chautauqua Park. It was a slippery mess but we made it to a certain point but we had to turn back because it started to get dangerous. We couldn’t hike any higher due to everyone slipping and we didn’t have appropriate shoes. But we did enjoy the hike and I highly recommend this park. The hiking is challenging to a degree, for those who don’t hike as often, and the scenery is beautiful. Being a socal girl, seeing snow was just really fun.

Then we headed to Pearl Street Mall & Downtown Boulder. We first refueled by eating at Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery. By the way, they have samples of beers if you would like to taste before you purchase a drink order. The food was not bad, very good to refuel ourselves after a hike.

Then we walked around Pearl Street Mall. Ate some freshly baked cookies from Boulder Baked. At this cafe, you can also order non-dessert food items as well. And then we just explored other venues within the outdoor mall area.

Finally, we headed back to the hotel where Brian and I finally had to depart and leave the cousins and head back home.

You can see our adventures on YouTube here of Part 1 and 2 here.



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