My Travels – New York City

You guys, I know my travel diaries came to a hiatus but I promise you NYC WAS A GOOD ONE! I really enjoyed my time in New York — who doesn’t? Well if you don’t like grungey, strong personality people… then maybe this isn’t your city. Since I first made me travels to New York in circa 2009, I always had my heart set on going back to the Big Apple.

Plain and simple, I love New York.


Our trip didn’t include a ton of touristy things, instead we opted for more low-key experiences that were financially friendly, as in we didn’t want to go broke. We did a hell of a lot of walking, using the Metro (purchased the 7 day pass). I placed a link to obtain this precious pass, which was only $35 with unlimited use for 7 days. We only stayed there for about 4 days but it was still worth it to get the pass, especially when we just wanted to see everything in a short amount of time.

I made some YouTube videos to describe our wonderous event. Take a look!

In the videos, we went to Chinatown a lot! I mean a lot a lot. I loved coming here for we had great Asian food and it was so budget friendly. I highly recommend travelers to go to Chinatown especially.

TOP 5 FOOD LIST (from out trip)

  1. X’ian Famous Foods – We don’t remember exactly which one we went to. There are several locations. Highly recommend the spicy cunmin lamb hand-pulled noodles. I’m not a big lamb lover, but I was blown away by this dish. You don’t taste the lamb taste, which made me a fan.
  2. Cheong Fun Cart – I highly recommend anybody to eat here for a budget friendly experience. I have never had such CHEAP but GOOD food. Both dishes came to be under $5 – combined! Thank you Asian lady for your hard work and dedication. This is definitely a local’s favorite.
  3. Levain Bakery – THE BEST COOKIES EVER! They break your budget when you start purchasing more than one cookie. Each cookie is about $4 but these aren’t your average cookies. They’re at the next level with weight, size, and ingredients. Highly recommend the Walnut Chocolate Chip. Others liked their Double Chocolate, Oatmeal, and Peanut Butter. But my all-time favorite is the Walnut Chocolate Chip
  4. Vinnie’s Pizzeria (Brooklyn) – I really liked this place. This place is so quirky and different. They are thinking outside the box. They serve unique pizzas such as the pizza that is served in a box made out of pizza. Who thinks like that?! They didn’t have the inception pizza when I got there, but they said they could make it for us. And after a short wait, they made me the pizza. I was so happy! Their customer service is top notch – like their pizza.
  5. Best Bagel and Coffee – Last but not least. Best Salmon bagel and plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Nothing compares to fresh cream cheese. I know because I bought packaged ones in the store and it doesn’t compare. Ugh.. I need more of this! Salmon was so good. I love myself cream cheese, smoked salmon, and some onions to top it all off. Best breakfast ever! I have tried Russ and Daughter, but maybe I didn’t choose the right cream cheese experience (wasabi cream cheese), I probably need to make a redemption video on them.



  1. High Line Park – Old railroad tracks converted to a park. It’s a nice scenic park and there are some art installations present for your viewing pleasure. BTW, there are mooners up in the apartment buildings, not sure if these people got any notices for their public indecencies.
  2. Staten Island Ferry – What’s great about this is that you can view the State of Liberty for free by taking this ferry. We didn’t plan on going inside the Statue of Liberty, so this was perfect to help our frugal selves.
  3. Central Park – A breath of fresh air in the city. Central park is long and so it’s quite a trek. There’s beauty in them hills.
  4. Brooklyn Bridge – Another long trek but worth it to go across the bridge. “Hello from the other side.”
  5. 9/11 Memorial – To commemorate all the lives lost during this tragedy. You can show your respects to the heroes, and wish a “Happy Birthday” to those with flowers next to their names. It was an awesome sight. The museum on site costs money, but it is worth taking a gander in.

If you’re ever in New York, definitely check out these places or try some new experiences. You can never go wrong when you’re in New York! Je t’aime New York.


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