A New Chapter – Amazonian Life… Well… Sort Of

First of all, I know I have not been posting for quite some time. This girl has been onto new things. After I have been out of a job for a few months, I just had this spur of the moment idea to start selling things on Amazon. Yes, my new life entails as a reseller.

Reselling items has been a challenge but exciting at the same time. Right off the back, I will be frank about this process, I am not making much profit when it comes to my ROI — Return On Investments. This is a business terminology I learned along the way from another Amazon merchant who helped me initially when I was first starting out. It was quite a challenge at the beginning. But he helped me through the first initial hurdles of starting your own business and starting it with Amazon.

K-beauty has all been the rage lately since I was young. I loved playing with cosmetics although I always sport my nude face. As a child, I loved digging into my mom’s make-up and slathering myself with red/brown/nude shaded lipsticks and dusting my eyelids with blue eye shadow. My mom has a blue birthmark on her upper left eye, so she used to apply only blue eyeshadow so I had a natural tendency to follow in her footsteps. Which I always used to play with make-up and then immediately wash off my final product when I was done. So I have a strong like for cosmetics. Can you tell?

Anyways, back to my Amazon story. The reason I tell you about my affinity for cosmetics is because I am a proprietor of Korean cosmetics. This is my store-front — hence the side story of my love for make-up. So my shop is small and I can’t sell everything that I would like to sell because I would lose money if I did. I am just a small individual business owner on Amazon trying to make a profit which can be difficult with my niche for there are many people selling the same thing at no profit prices for merchants like myself, therefore, there are drawbacks to selling on Amazon.

But the positives of Amazon, I can work from home and have Amazon deal with my inventory and provide customer service for me by simply doing Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) which cuts down working for me greatly. I don’t make a lot of money like I used to before when I worked 9 to 5 every day, but I get a lot of “me-time” which is what I had been wanting. I wanted to have extra time to work on myself.

Now the update on myself, well I’ll update you on my next blog post on that.

In the mean time, buying and reselling is a lot of fun. I have this natural tendency to want to save money on buying so when I resell, I will have better profit margins. This also prevents me from overbuying on useless things on myself like clothes and such. So far, I purchase from two stores. One store is both a retail and wholesaler which I have two accounts with and another store I am almost at wholesaler status but currently VIP. So these two stores, I get the better deals as of late but continuing to search for better wholesalers and hopefully will get a virtual brick and mortar one day. In the mean time, Amazon is great because they get a lot of traffic to their website that I don’t really need to advertise much for it’s Amazon. Usually it’s on top for search engines and basically anything you put on sale gets sold. Some things take a long time to be sold, but eventually your items do get sold. There’s always someone out there willing to buy your treasures.

Well, that is the update on my life. Till next time.


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