My Travels – Houston, TX

YEE HAW! On continuation from my last post on Texas travels, we came from Austin to Houston. We made a triangle to visit the major cities of Texas. No, we didn’t go to Dallas, we only had so much time within a short-time frame.

So, off to Houston we go. We purchased a CityPass to get a lot of things in. I love being a tourist and doing touristy things. Besides, it supports the people who live in the city you visit.

SO… ALL ABOARD! First stop, we headed to the Houston Space Center. I love majority of things related to space, besides the black hole that could suck you alive and virtually place you in another time zone to forever be forgotten. Well besides that… the planets, the stars, the moons — just about everything in space is fascinating. When we arrived, I wasn’t expecting much. They had the life-size dioramas of what astronauts do in space, how the toilets look like, how they sleep, eat, and all that.


What’s nice is that you can tour the facilities outside of the museum and onto actual NASA grounds. You get to see people work on current space crafts and suits. Like this is the real deal. There are two tours, blue or red. We chose red because we wanted to see how astronauts train. The red appeared to be more popular than the blue. But towards the middle of the day, both lines become saturated with people.

Tip: I would definitely reserve your timed ticket so you don’t have to wait an hour or two in line.

I am curious what the blue line went to but I guess I won’t know personally. Honestly, we didn’t see any anti-gravity machines or areas showed remotely how the astronauts trained so I’m guessing the blue line may be underwhelming as well. The blue line takes you to the control station where the famous lines were stated, “Houston, we have a problem.”

And the space craft you see at the entrance, is a replica made by Boeing. But, it’s still cool to see!


Well off to our second destination, Kemah Boardwalk! This was the first time I had ever heard of this place. I had no idea until the CityPass gave me this option versus the Children’s Museum of Houston and we were already going to see a lot of museums on our other trips, we decided to see something a little different. So Kemah Boardwalk it is.


It did remind me a lot of Disney’s California Adventure’s theme park and it’s boardwalk section. Except, this was a real boardwalk and there was a real ocean beside it! When we went, rain was coming down on us, but we enjoyed it so much. Brian and I hadn’t really been to any amusement parks together (even though I was an avid Disney Annual Pass holder). The scene makes you feel like a little teenager again. The rides feel like you’re at Knott’s Berry Farm as well. They have their versions of Montezuma’s Revenge (not literally), Supreme Scream, and Ghost Rider.

By the way, their wooden roller coaster was the most “crack-a-lackin'” ride I had ever been on. I was getting whiplash left and right. I could not believe I survived such a monstrosity! OMG! The other rides were fun as well, just check them out. With the City Pass you get unlimited rides on majority of the rides but not for the ziplining and other activities. I felt like it was worth it to have come here.

Next we went to the Downtown Aquarium. It had the same vibe as Kemah Boardwalk.

Tip: Free parking in Downtown on Sundays!

Yaaaaas! We didn’t have to pay for parking! Brian does not like to pay for parking and he likes to fight the system of paying for parking. Seriously city dudes, do you need to strip every person of their money every single day from trivial things such as parking?!

This aquarium had a jungle-like feel to it. Their aquarium had  interesting fishes, but what I found interesting was that they had white tigers towards the end. The City Pass also gets you into the sting ray petting area.

Check out the video if you like 🙂

The next day, we headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.I would say, they don’t have the largest T-rex like that of Chicago, but they had a lot of dinosaur bones and dinosaurs that are named by the inventor of Godzilla! Yes, they had a slothazilla and armadillozilla! I was just so fascinated by the name choice.

They also have a creepy vault for gems and unique shell fossils. I say it’s creepy because at the time we got there, Brian and I were alone in the area and it’s so dark inside that you would be yelling for help. Yes, that was me. I’m the scaredy cat.

Still raining, and we headed off to the Houston Zoo. The zoo’s layout was fun. The zoos in California will not allow you to get to zoo animals as close as we did in Houston. I felt that the animals were so close, that we were able to possibly touch them but that was never the case.


I got to feed giraffes, have a staring contest with a chimpanzee, and see ostriches and ardvarks up-close and personal. I really enjoyed the zoo. Unfortunately it was raining, so we didn’t get to see that many animals. But surprisingly, animals did come out. I really loved the elephants and the giraffes. BTW, they have red pandas here!



After we trekked back from the zoo to our far away parked car, we headed to meet Brian’s family to go see the Water Wall. Now this is where we made a mistake with parking. Brian didn’t want to have his cousins walk far, even though I’m used to it, so we parked at the first parking structure we saw. But when we had left after visiting the wall, we discovered a mall with parking was right next door. I believe that is free parking! Gah!


Anywhoo, Brian and I had to get back after that and head off towards the airport. It was time to leave! But first he needed to get his Starbucks cup.

Well go ahead and watch the 2nd day video on Houston!


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