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My Travels – Austin, TX Day 2

First things first, breakfast! Breakfast is one of those things I just don’t want to live without. I can, but I don’t want to. Before we checked out of our motel, Super 8 Motel —  which was surprisingly a very nice motel with great amenities, we got some breakfast. I think the kicker was the awesome waffle maker that produced Texas shaped waffles. That’s the seller you guys and it sold me.


After we left, we headed to Franklin’s BBQ. With over 3000 reviews on Yelp‘s website, we thought this was needed — STAT. We then realized, our motel was literally 5 minutes walking distance. But what we didn’t realize — the horrendous line! We then read the reviews and tips on bringing coolers, snacks, and games for your wait there. It was estimated to be about 3 to 5 or 6 hr wait! Oh, Brian and I don’t have time for that!

So, we headed off to Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. I know, I know… it’s got only over 900 reviews but that’s still an accomplishment people! Sometimes you can’t trust yelp reviews — you have to see, touch, taste, smell, and maybe hear for yourself. If you didn’t hear what I heard when biting into the skin of the chicken, you just don’t know.

Well, we ordered some good eats such as the fried green tomatoes and the half plate of chicken. It was more than enough and we ate a lot to fill our tummies. They have other good deals but we didn’t want to eat so much for there was a lot of eating coming in the near future. But these were very good choices. the batter was perfectly seasoned for botht eh fried green tomatoes and the chicken. The wings had a great crunch to them for the fat on the chicken fried so well that it crisped into pork rind-like texture — in this case chicken rinds. I really enjoyed the sweet and crunchy cole slaw and the sweet BBQ beans. They were all delicious and I have to grant, my favorite fried chicken thus far.

After that greasy filled brunch, we headed towards Mount Bonnell to hopefully get some exercise in. We climbed, what appeared to be 70 to 80-ish steps. Don’t quote me on that, there’s a strong possibility that I may be wrong. But we reached the top and realized there isn’t much of a hike here! There was a view of the Colorado river and the houses that traced it from our point of view above. We walked up and down the park and realized it was time to go. The whole journey took approximately 20 minutes of our time.


Then we stumbled upon Mayfield Park and Nature Reserve. What caught my eye were the peacocks. Here, you can view at least 7 free roaming peacocks. They were so beautiful. I did happen to see a couple trying to catch the peacocks which made me want to do a Public Service Annoucement (PSA). So here I go, “Please don’t try to catch peacocks, leave them alone. Treat them as you would like to be treat. Thank you.” There are many trails you can also take while visiting and see the lakes and such. It was a nice area to take a stroll around.

Next stop, Texas State Capitol! We visited the building, it’s considered one of the largest state capitol buildings outside of Washington, D.C. That’s worth a visit, don’t you think? I really liked all the historical vibes I was getting from touring the building by witnessing its architecture and the sound of government happening — whatever that means. We went up the stairs to reach the highest it could go for just us ole’ tourist folks. It was so high, I still get chills thinking about the height. I have a fear of heights, ya know.

Then we headed towards State Congress Bridge. I wanted to see bats. I didn’t think about looking at the migratory patterns of bats until yelpers told me to. Yes, I read comments and reviews, they’re very helpful. One site you could consider looking at is Bat Conservation International. This website will teach you the migratory patterns of bats. So we didn’t get to see bats. They come to Austin around May to October-ish. Even though it was December, I decided to try and look for bats anways, just in case there were any stragglers that were left behind. Nope, none, nada, zip. Dang, migratory map +1, me… negative.


After, we started to head back to Houston. But first, I needed to get a slice of Home Slice Pizza. Yes, it’s NY style, nothing special. But I haven’t had a NY style pizza since 2010. I got the white pie with spinach and mushrooms. Yum. Crunchy bottom crust and very delicious. I loved every bite of it! I believe it was like $4 a slice.



Well, that’s the end of my road trip in Austin. If you would like to see more, check out my YouTube video down below!


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