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My Travels – Austin,TX Day 1 Yee Haw

From San Antonio to Austin, boyfriend and I took a road trip through Texas. Along the way, we got some delicious creamed corn and brisket with sauce at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ, yum. Their creamed corn is the best creamed corn I’ve had thus far. Mmmmm, I just kept saying, “Bomb-diggity,” after every bite.

We made it to Texas and stayed at the Super 8 Motel. It was a lovely hotel. We rested a bit and decided to hit the town. First stop… 6th Street. Brian heard the street gets closed off and the streets get packed with people like in New Orleans’s Bourbon Street. Unfortunately, we got there a day too early. A local told us the streets are usually closed off from Thursday to Sunday. We were there on a Wednesday!


Tip: Hit 6th street either on any day within Thursday through Sunday.

We decided to walk a bit, then head to Rainey street. We got there around when foot traffic began towards the street. This street is known for bars that look like homes. Unsure whether the lights are on throughout the year, but the lights were on the houses and it felt magical.

Brian and I decided to do some beer tasting. I’m usually not a beer nor wine drinker, but after tasting many of Brian’s beers — it seems my tastebuds have been bitten by the acquired taste bug. Now, I am starting to enjoy the taste of various beers. And no, not the cheap kind like Budweiser. The crafted ones.

Our first stop was at Crafts Pride. This establishment only serves Texan beers. So if you want to taste the local affair, then definitely hit up Crafts Pride — for everything you order will be from Texas. Flight costs vary and depending on what type of beer you choose. If you choose a beer on Nitro, it’ll be a little bit steeper. We ordered a porter that was on Nitro which was the culprit for our bill to be higher. Overall, the beers tasted lovely. You can check out our YouTube video to heard our critique of various beers.


Then we landed at a place called Bangers Sausage House and Beers. I didn’t get to taste their sausages, although I wish I could’ve but we were saving our appetite for something really delicious. They do have interesting sausages, some made out of rabbits and things. The bartenders here are lively and fun to be around. They really know their beers and will recommend you a pretty delicious beer to try based on your preferences. Come here before the rush of people come, some of the beers were tapped out when we got there. I had a stout float, which is a play on root beer floats, and it was delicious! I think anything with ice cream will taste divine. The prices here are relatively cheaper than the prior bar and you will have an array of about 105 beers from all over the nation to choose from. Brian got to try a beer from California that he had never heard of before. So it is nice to try out different bars when you can. They might be holding onto some hidden gems.


The we headed back to 6th street, enjoyed some local talent and went on our way to nosh on some grub. We decided on East Side King. Maybe it was the fact that we hadn’t had real Asian food in about a week and we just wanted something familiar, but this food was really good. When you check out the YouTube Video, you will see it on Brian’s face. Now he normally doesn’t have a reaction to food. He just eats like its sustenance. But when you see him eat this cuisine, boy… he is in love. We both fell in love with this food truck located inside patio area of the bar. It was ‘bomb-diggity’ — fo sho!


Well that’s the end of 20161229_0019011 of our Austin trip. Day 2 will be arriving shortly. In the mean time, hit up my other posts and videos!



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