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My Travels – San Antonio, TX

The Beau and I headed to San Antonio after Montego Bay. Southwest Airlines doesn’t have a direct flight or connecting flights to Montego Bay, Jamaica; therefore, we had to purchase two flights and so we visited Texas. You’re wondering why we did that. Well, we have a companion pass, therefore, we get a buy one get one (BOGO) deal since 2016 all the way till the end of 2017 of this year. That is why and we have been utilizing it since we got it.

We arrived in the evening after Jamaica -> Houston -> San Antonio. We were tired. All we wanted to do was eat and then head to our motel. I looked up this placed called Callum’s Attagirl which curated hot wings and things. We got two orders of the hot chicken, one order of the Southern, and one fried bologna sandwich. Yum. The hot wings are cooked right in front of you. They didn’t have a thick layer of batter which made it more delicious. The wings came out piping hot and were delicious. The fried bologna sandwich caught me off guard. For some odd reason, I didn’t expect a sandwich like this. A thick cut of fried bologna plus cheddar cheese with pimentos within two sides of Texas white bread. White bread was meh, but the bologna and cheese was interesting. If they changed the bread to brioche or maybe potato bread, it would’ve been sublime. I also ordered an icebox pie. The pie was premade, unsure the source of it, and it was topped with cool-whip. It was good, but I don’t think the price was worth it. I would suspect at the most $2.50 for the cost of this pie.

Overall, I really liked this place. It was a tad over priced.

We headed to the Red Roof Plus. It wasn’t that bad of a place, it reminds me of a Motel 6. It was about $50-60 something a night. We used our credit card points to book this place. It was about 5-7 minutes walking distance to the Alamo and the River Walk.

We headed to the Alamo. The Alamo is free to enter. You can enter from the main entrance, which doesn’t have a line. The line is actually for the church that is part of the Alamo. That entrance gets quite long. But if you don’t care to enter via the church, there is another entrance right over to the left of the church entrance. We learned a lot about the Texas Revolution and how the Alamo was defended and became part of the United States later on. It was very informative.

We then proceeded to eat at Schilo’s Delicatessen. This place was pretty good, the root beer is made on site as well as all their deli meats. The potato pancakes were delicious because of the applesauce. The applesauce was cinnamon-y and sweet with thicker chunks of apple compared to that of Mott’s. It was my favorite thing. Brian felt like it was dessert, I guess I’m addicted to sugar lol. I slurped the applesauce till the dish was bone dry. I want a gallon full of this stuff. I also got a cup of split pea soup and it tasted like any other except it felt hearty and thick. It was really good. The Rye bread was absolutely delicious. Mind you, I love bread (say it like Oprah). Or just watch it below.

Brian ordered the pork shank, but 30 minutes later our waitress said it wasn’t ready and she comped his meal for the trouble and he got to order something else. He ordered the Wednesday special which was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green peas. He said it was very filling.

More on the root beer. The root beer didn’t have a ton of fizz like an A&W, instead it was had a creamy mouth-feel due to its finer bubbles. It also tasted sweeter and it foamed at the top like beer. It was really delicious. It doesn’t have a lot of spice like some homemade root beers, this drink definitely will hug your teeth with sweetness.

The River Walk is right next to the Alamo. So you can head over there from either across the street or you can walk to the left or right and you will see the river. Go down the stairs and wow, there’s all these lovely restaurants around there. I heard from a friend that it felt a little “ghetto” at night time. When I went, it was in the day time and felt very safe. I imagine it to be very beautiful at night due to all the lights hanging.


Well, we left around 3pm to Austin, so that was the end of our San Antonio adventures!

Check out our YouTube video or watch it down below.


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