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My Travels – Montego Bay Day 4 (Last Day)

The last day at our Caribbean destination, Montego Bay of Jamaica, has come to an end. The never ending Jamaican patties, Jerk Chicken from the Jerk man, coconuts cut fresh with a machete, unlimited food with 24 hour room service, wait staff and fine dining at a moment’s notice, gracious bar tenders, the chocolate chip butter cookies + apples right at the entrance of the hotel for when you stay or go, and a soiree of financial juggernauts during every night sky as we sing “Sweet Caroline” while a Jamaican boy taps at the ivory keys… Secrets St James (my first all inclusive resort), you shall be missed.

It felt like I was in a commune but without responsibilities. The workers tell you to enjoy yourself, eat plenty, and drink some hard rum. We never left the pearly gates of our resort for we knew outside, there were going to be some hard times. Why waste such lavish meals and parties? Well we had to at some point — when it was time to check out.

On our last day, the Mister and I went to enjoy the beach. It was odd, we never just enjoyed the beach even though it was a foot away. But this was the day we have come to realize, we are going to miss this beautiful scenery. We took the moment entirely by succumbing to the ocean’s waves. We swam in it, stood in it, rocked with the waves and then finally left it for good.


The next thing we did was say our good-byes to the buffet. Oh you wonderful World Cafe, you. My favorite restaurant of the entire resort was the buffet for its Jamaican cuisine. You do what you do best. “Don’t put baby in the corner,” as in this case the Jamaican food — for it was always shoved in a small corner of the buffet with only one entree and two sides. Now we need to showcase it better than that!


We also visited the parrots and the peacocks. My fascination with animals makes me want to bid farewell to these precious animals who take flight. Although they don’t seem to fly much at this resort, but whatever, I shall bid you adieu!

I bid adieu, to yuh and yuh and yuh — hammock, coconut trees, beach, beautiful weather, Jamaican people, Jerk chicken man, and much more. Good-bye!

Towards the end, we got some souvenirs at Hip strip, turns out it’s cheaper and you can haggle. The stores are Indian owned, but Jamaicans work for them. Who knew? I was able to get the Blue Mountain coffee by persistently not wanting it from $15 USD to $10 USD, I forget what the ounce size was, but it was the middle size. There were only 3 sizes. And you might get things cheaper by paying with American dollars. When we paid with Jamaican money, I got my souvenir doll for 1550 Jamaican dollars, when it should’ve been $12 USD. The shop owner made us pay a little bit more. Grrr. Don’t convert!

Then we headed to the airport. The airport ride cost us about $45 USD, we probably could’ve haggle down to $40. Our driver gave us his card, stating if we ever come back we can get a ride from the airport for $30 instead of the $35 that you would get with the taxi drivers located within the airport. Everything is haggle worthy. As Americans, we probably pay more than what is standard in Jamaica, but it helps with developing commerce and it’s good for their economy. Although, it sucks for our wallets.

We went to Club Mobay departure lounge, it’s nice because they allow you to skip all the lines like as if you have Global Entry. The departure lounge is just like the arrival but it’s bigger! There were like 4 rooms with food and bar in every location. There was a spa and salon, but it costs extra for their services. Food and drinks are unlimited. Heh, it’s like we didn’t leave our resort.20161227_133449

And I did get to see Alfre Woodward and she seemed very kind. I get stage fright or anxiety wanting to talk to these celebrities that I encounter. I rather not talk to them. I feel better just staring from afar. She did hang out with this lady and her peers when the lady struck up a small conversation with her. She looked gorgeous as ever.img_20161227_140718_723

Watch our last day or click to go to the YouTube Website


5 thoughts on “My Travels – Montego Bay Day 4 (Last Day)

  1. “The stores are Indian owned, but Jamaicans work for them. Who knew?”
    YAAAS. I know right? It hurts me to see things like that. Sometimes I think generally we would rather work for others instead of ourselves. Needs to change.

    “We never left the pearly gates of our resort for we knew outside, there were going to be some hard times. ” Nooo. So many tourists come here and do this. You’re only seeing like 25% of what Jamaica — and any country really– has to offer by doing that. In hotels your experiences are pre ordered, in a way, they aren’t real… *sigh*
    But I’m still happy you enjoyed yourself but when you come again find a way to do it right tho…


    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I totally agree we do not really enjoy the country for what it is if we are stuck in our bubble — by that I mean he bubble is the resort. I wished that we didn’t feel the need to stay in our resort for we didn’t want to waste the price tag that came with the resort. So next time, we do plan on staying at a regular motel and venture out into Jamaica as is without the resort-life. Thanks for your input!

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