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My Travels – Montego Bay Day 3

YouTube video already up for Day 3. Check it out.

Some inside scoop, we woke up early that day to go kayaking and chill at the beach. Brian slept all morning by the poolside, so I drank my own drinks and eventually he got up and hung out with the party crowd. I on the other hand, wanted to do things besides lay by the pool. I decided to get up and Brian came as well

We walked around the Jamaican shore and walked from resort to resort. Then we ate at Oceana Grill. We were sat by the pool and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Then we ate at Himitsu. Asian cuisine was the theme. And boy oh boy, the worst Asian food I have ever eaten. Well the Three Fish was good, the rest… I would say don’t think about it. The waitress said that the Orange Chicken would be good, but we decided to get KungPao Beef and Pad Thai, both gross. Pad Thai was bland. Chicken Satay was actually good. And dessert, again, is not good in Jamaica.


I was feeling under the weather, so we didn’t go to the beach party, where you had to be shoeless. We actually went back to our room and took another nap. I woke up to Brian ordering room service. He ordered me chicken noodle soup and hamburger. LOL. They brought us 1 chicken potato soup. The hamburger tasted… very interesting like it was a hybrid of a chicken/sausage/pork thing. Buffalo wings were not gross, but they surely weren’t buffalo wings. They tasted like spicy teriyaki wings.

Well we ended up staying in our beds that night for we wanted to wake up early for our last day. Thanks for reading. Onward to Day 4 – our last day.



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