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My Travels – Montego Bay Day 2

We had a peaceful night to recoup and we ate some food at the World Cafe buffet. Yum. I had some ackee and saltfish with some dumplings, very Jamaican and very good! The rest of the buffet had regular breakfast foods from America, fruit, and breads. Their smoothies taste bomb, but I suspect it comes from syrups rather than just fruit.20161225_090012

Well majority of the day we spent lounging at the pool. We did some sightseeing which you can take a look at our YouTube video or our second day adventures. It was really some awesome fun. We met some wonderful vacationers, a Jamaican Christmas parade, and tons of drinks at the pool bar. It was a lot of fun. I still don’t think I remember much, good thing I caught it on video!

The Jamaican bartenders like to make you whatever you want and then they start making other drinks you never ask for but for me I like it because I didn’t know about all these different drinks! I also like that they don’t spike the drinks too much, but it became spiked heavily when we made some friends at the pool, lol.

We ate at the Oceana, but I don’t really remember much of my food. I disliked the Asian beef wrap, but the Shrimp po’boy wrap was delicious. They only have wraps during the lunch menu, but you can order any drink you want. I kept ordering the dirty banana. This became my favorite drink of the trip. They had an open salad bar which Brian ate so many mussels that the next day, they didn’t have mussels out.

We went back to our room, slept the day away for we were very under the influence of our dear Jamaican rum. Woke up to find the Christmas festivities were about to begin. We saw a Jamaican manger, they brought out donkeys and goats. I petted them of course. Then we saw the Christmas palm trees.

Walked to our first dinner, Itallian food at Portofino’s. It wasn’t that bad. I have to say, I really liked the lobster fettucine. The pasta was al dente, which I love and the sauce was like a seafood bisque. The desserts was… meh. I have to say, the only dessert I liked at the resort was the pineapple upside down cake. The rest was meh.

Then it was onward to round 2, Habachi, a teppanyaki grill that you have to call for reservations in advance. Our reservation was at 9:30pm. It was pretty late, to the point we missed the Christmas show. Take a look at the YouTube video of how our chef sang. It was pretty good. The food, I am afraid to say, is mediocre. The Asian cuisine, does not taste Asian. But you’re at a Jamaican resort, they only make food to what they believe is Asian food. I think next time, I will stick to Jamaican cuisine because that is what they do best.

Then we went out saw the ending of the Christmas show and then another party happened at the piano bar. There, we saw this Jamaican piano player who would play chords by heart. He didn’t need sheet music. Whatever you asked him to play, he would play. He knew a lot of songs. The rule is, you only request a song if you know the lyrics to the song. Brian requested a Destiny’s Child song, Say My Name. Partially my fault, I didn’t know the entire song, but he wanted me to sing and I didn’t want to but he requested it and then we didn’t know the lyrics. We almost got booed at! LOL, but it was all in good sport.

Here at the Piano Bar

Then some vacationers wanted to go to the Desires lounge, a music club on the resort. Very few people are in there. But they did play some awesome reggae beats and we danced with another Jamaican vacation goer. He was showing us some moves. Being a Ujammer, I definitely was able to catch on. Brian… not so much lol. So later on, Brian became hammered when the Jamaican vacation goer grabbed him to dance some more but Brian fumbled which caused him to do the splits and land on his knee. He has a bum leg now.

After that, I tried my best to take him out but he was so heavy and with that bum leg, it was difficult. A great resort patron was nice enough to assist us back to our room.

He inquired, “Where is your resort?”

I replied, “St James.”

“OMG, what floor?”


“Oh, thank God.”

LOL, his back was aching and so was mine.

Brian saw Jerk Chicken man along the way to the room, he was like, “JERRRK CHICKEN!” And the patron and I immediately said, “NO!” We couldn’t wait for chicken when we had to get him to our room. What a night. We made it safely back. Whoever you are, kind man, thanks for bringing my man back safely.

Well that’s that for this day. Onward to Day 2. Should be arriving shortly. Till then, you can enjoy Day 1 as well.

Here is video for Day 2.


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