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Donut Birthday Cake

Yes, it’s been done before. Yes, I could’ve baked him a cake. Yes, blah blah blah. My boyfriend really likes Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts and M&M blueberry donuts but I’m surrounded by foodies who like donuts of all flavors. So I decided to make a donut cake out of various donuts for my boyfriend’s birthday. Yes, this was a while ago, but it’s never too late to post your doings (hehe).

So first things first, which donuts to use.

I went to purchase donuts. My first stop was M&M donuts. Dratz! Sold out! You have to get to them early people! So I went to Krispy Kreme before I decided what other donut shop to go to. Got my glazed dozen donuts. BTW if you use the Krispy Kreme app, you can get 2 extra donuts, first for joining and the other for purchasing a dozen which gets you 50 points for another extra donut!

Then I decided to go to the Donuttery! I have frequented this spot before for either their really good copy cat of the blueberry donuts and their other delicious donuts. When I went to the bakery, they really added some lovely extra touches to the packaging of their donuts. I just love little extra touches!

So let’s take a look at what I got.


If you’re counting I didn’t get the extra 2 donuts from Krispy Kreme, I thought it would’ve been too much, but really next time I will just get the 2 extra donuts. I also didn’t get too many donuts with excessive toppings although I couldn’t help myself with the Rocky Road one. My strategy was to get stackable donuts.

Time to assemble!

Just add layers of donuts as you would like. I was thinking of my guests and how I know immediately they would be going for the different donuts first.

And with a touch of some birthday candles I got from Party City (Silver 30 & Sparkler candles) and Dollar Tree (Happy Birthday candles)… voila!

I also placed the donuts in a cake container with the birthday candles already placed for easy lighting and serving on the wait staff. Thanks for the lovely waiter who did everything for us that night!

So this is how the night turned out!

My honey bunny and the 30th birthday donut cake spectacular! And how expensive birthday cakes go for these days, this is a very inexpensive idea for a birthday cake. I just imagined the birthday candles this way when I was placing them. The photos definitely came out the way I had wanted them to. Love it!

To my birthday boy, I love you!


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