Post-electoral Thoughts

My blog isn’t about what’s happening around the nation nor does it have any political ties. Although, it is about me and my thoughts. You don’t have to like it but I feel as an Asian American, born and raised in California, ought to say a few words.

I am deeply saddened at the way this nation has responded towards the recent election. It is shameful to see our nation of progress has regressed to old ways of hate and causing a division among the people of the United States of America. We are suppose to be “indivisible” and of “one-nation.” Yet, we have divided more than any one person could imagine.

The behaviors of adults and spawns of the radical adults, their children, are sickening. Why do you hate us? What have we done? Our ancestors all came here to the states for a new beginning and to have a chance at life. How are we so different? Because we look and act different or that we practice a different religion? We work hard, maybe a little bit harder just so that we could have the same chances as the white Americans. We don’t cause trouble and yet we are picked on and hounded to go back where we came from. I was born here.

It bothers me that people dressed in KKK robes are roaming around the streets shouting immigrants to go back to where they came from or when a white man told a black man to sit at the back of the bus post-election in California of all places or when a white man holds onto a wrist of an Asian women, telling her to go back to where she came from and in self-defense strikes the man in the throat and the police cuffs her. It is scary when someone writes, “Die homo, Obama can’t save you anymore, president Trump” sign on your lawn. It is like a scary movie to find a man dressed in KKK robe sitting in your front lawn. It is horrible to know that these barbarians feel it is their right to touch some and snatch women’s hijabs right off their heads.

And it bothers me so deeply that people tell immigrants to learn English if they want to stay in America. First of all, English is not the national language, it is the primary language. Second of all, learning another language is difficult! Not everyone has the gift of tongue to pick up a new vernacular, grammar, or language. Thirdly, some people come from war stricken countries and may not have had the proper education and again may affect their learning curve when it comes to retaining another language.

Okay, I digress. There are many stories of what’s happened to our minorities in less than 48 hrs post-election. It’s not just Asians, but Muslims, African Americans, Mexicans, LGBT group and others who don’t look Caucasian. But I also have to say to the non-Trump supporters, that why are you throwing stones at those who threw stones at you.

I don’t know the solution to what is happening. Protests are happening, shutting down freeways and all. Things are happening, and it’s a scary thought of what our future could be. Possibly, Hitler-esque Nazism… I don’t know. But what we should be doing, is standing up towards injustice, ignorance, and hate. We minorities need to unite and show a better example. It would be nice that Trump could tell his followers to stop acting barbaric and to stop hating on each other.

I leave with this song…

One final word… “Be kind to one another,” Ellen DeGeneres and Ephesians 4:32. I know I’m going to be targeted for writing something, but we all need to stand up against hate, violence, and discrimination.


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