Netflix and Chill with Me – Narcos

I have to say, I wasn’t entirely wowed by the idea of watching Narcos, a Netflix drama about the drug war in Colombia. My taste in things include kittens and rainbows, less violent things. My boyfriend turned this drama on because he said we needed to watch something together and he heard rave reviews regarding this biographical, crime drama about Pablo “Coke King” Escobar. Who?

Pablo Escobar was pretty much the first to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. He was one wealthy smuggler, made billions of dollars in the U.S. What the heck?!

Anywhoo, less politics and more about the series.

Season 1 was riveting. One lazy Saturday, binge-watched it all day with my boyfriend. We were hooked. I’m not a historian and don’t know how accurate all the scenes and stories are, but if half of the things that occurred were true, by golly, this guy Escobar — I have no words. He is a master genius who was also the most violent “narcoterrorist” that took Colombia by storm and this ultimate manipulator was good at instilling fear and loyalty in others.

I hate stories where bad guys win. *Spoiler Alert* In season 1 — uugh I hate to say it but he wins.

I do find myself loving the DEA agents Ryan Murphy and Javier Peña. They don’t have much of a development in their personal storyline. Their characters are mainly wrapped around catching the coke king.

Now, I’m on Season 2. It became night on my side of town. I remember the sun was high above the sky when I started the series, and now I’m on Season 2.

Back to Narcos. The storyline seems to be nearing towards the end of Escobar’s life. I havent’ completely finished the season because I really felt compelled to write about this series. So, I don’t even know what’s going to happen in Season 2 yet as I write this post.

I did some investigating on the real lives of the characters and based on the power of Google, both the DEA agents are still alive but Escobar deceased in 1993. Holy Mackerel, as I watch Season 2, I am just waiting for the downfall of this drug lord. But it hasn’t happened and I’m halfway in!

Season 2 seemed like Escobar was going to win, again, but when Colonel Carrillo came back after being exiled to Spain — oh, it feels like vengeance is a comin’! But it seems as though he turned a little wicked by killing kids caught in the cobwebs of Escobar’s masterful plan.

O-M-G! I change my mind. This is a real time reaction. It seems the plot has turned yet again, Escobar got the last laugh after murdering/ambushing Carrillo and his men. Why?! Ugh, I hate it when bad men win.

This whole series just reminds me what the craziness Mexico is enduring and the war on drugs has become including our U.S. men and women. We cast a ballot every single time we buy something. So if we wanted more organic foods to come at a cheaper cost, we will have to keep demanding it until the supply increases to the point where the cost would become cheaper over time. Therefore, we should cast our ballots to not buy into narcotics and other substances, it’ll be harder for Americans to get it and eventually the smugglers will not waste their time smuggling to the U.S. Easier said than done, I know. But, if only it was that simple.

It’s hard to stand up against someone with money, power, men who follow him, and weapons that has the ability to cause massive destruction.

Thank you brave men and women who are in careers to protect innocent people. I feel lucky that I don’t have to deal with that. Me and my first world problems of overeating, I have nothing to whine about lol.

Well, if you want to check out Narcos, tell me what you think. Season 3 plans on making its way onto Netflix. I don’t know how much longer Escobar’s story can be dragged on, but we shall see. I still don’t know how Season 2 will end.


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