Netflix and Chill with Me – Stranger Things

Can I just start out by saying… “UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!”

Ok, now that I got that out of the way.

One friendly gathering with my girls, they brought up the topic of Stranger Things. I wasn’t really into it, despite how much they raved about the original series from Netflix. But then, I get a picture from a GroupMe conversation with Christmas lights and alphabet letters my boyfriend’s cousins’s girlfriend posted of how she decorated for Halloween at work.


She was stating along the lines that nobody gets me, it’s from Stranger Things. And it got me curious. What do these Christmas lights with alphabet letters mean?

I thought I would test the waters by watching the first episode. It got me hooked and I love Winona Ryder, despite the whole shop lifting incident. My boyfriend fell asleep, he didn’t even watch it with me. But every now and then he would laugh when I got startled by some scenes. I am jumpy when it comes to scary movies, guilty!! So in the middle of the night, I watched the first 5 episodes of the 1st season. All the characters are interesting and the kids are absolutely amazing! They can really act!

Along the lines of watching the show, I see Winona busting out the Christmas lights… I instantly knew what the picture above was.

I sent her this picture

Yes, this is my room, I collect dolls during my travels


*SPOILER ALERT* Do not read if you want to watch the series first ! *SPOILER ALERT* It was a way to communicate with Will, her son, the little boy that went missing in the first episode! Don’t hate me for giving some of the stuff away.

O-M-G! I watched the entire first season in two nights. I had to know what was going to happen next. Boyfriend again, didn’t seem too invested. He doesn’t like sci-fi imaginary things. He’s a concrete type, whereas, I love imagination and vision.

The Duffer brothers are pretty amazing to envision such a story. At some points it didn’t seem as believable because the monster became very gimicky at times or when they edited the scene where Will’s friend jumps off the cliff and levitates due to Eleven’s psychic powers. At times,  yes, gimicky — but overall, the show was sublime.

I believe Season 2 will come out.

Some questions I have are the following: 1) is the other dimension still accessible? 2) Why does Chief Hopper give food to a box? This poses the question, 3) is Eleven still alive?! OMG, 4) why is Will hacking up slugs? Gross. I need my questions answered! Answer them Duffy Brothers! Duffy Brothers, “You’re my only hope.” I get it, a bit extreme but it’s nice to show your support for your favorite TV shows. That’s how our favorite TV shows come back 🙂

Well, I didn’t give that many spoilers away, but hope this at least entices you to consider watching the series on Netflix.

Watch and let me know what you all think, too!

Till the next time we Netflix and Chill!



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