Netflix and Chill With Me – The Lifeguard

Yes, I am writing about a movie that received a 2 out of 5 stars from Netflix. I don’t really base my movie watching criteria on the Netflix ratings. First thought that comes to mind, “Oooooh, I like Kristen Bell.” Then I read the plot about a woman who is 29 years old, practically 30, and abandons her career as a journalist to move back into her childhood home with her parents to find a job as a lifeguard. Well, that sounds pretty interesting. Pretty much mirroring what is happening in my life. Well I found something in common. Let’s engage and watch this movie.

Watch the trailer.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5. Let me tell you why. I found the movie to be relatable minus the *SPOILER ALERT* pedophile actions of the main character. I related with majority of the characters. For one thing, Leigh, the main character acted by Kristen Bell. Her actions reminds me of me. I abandoned my job. I didn’t abandon it because I was stuck in a crummy relationship nor to the fact that my job wasn’t letting me move forward. Rather, I was so done with the corporate world and the 9 to 5:30 schedule (lunch was not included in my work hours). I also felt that the corporate world was dictating who I had to be. I had to be representing their image and had to live to their standards of education and practices – which I didn’t wholly agree with. One thing I cannot do, is to do something that I don’t believe in. Also, I let my job take over to the point that I was letting myself go mentally and physically. I wasn’t the dietitian that I had set my expectations to be. So I quit.

Other relatable characters are like the teenagers, Joshua (David Lambert) and Matt (Alex Shaffer). Teens who are misunderstood and may not understand why the adults do what they say and do. Both wanting to leave their towns to find something better in their lives. Joshua placed in Special Ed because he has attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Matt who’s mother has practically abandoned him emotionally due to the heartbreak from the loss of her eldest son (I’m assuming). I can relate. They’re teenagers – who doesn’t remember what it was like to be a teen? I remembering growing up life as a child, I believed once I was a teenager in highschool, life would be better. Then I enter high school, and believe that once I’m in college life would get better. Then the thought in college becomes, once I get a job, I can do anything. But as a child, teen, or adolescent-adult; the happiness doesn’t arrive unless you yourself are content and satisfied with the things that are given. First hand, experienced it all. In my ripe age of 30, I am still searching but I’m starting to be more content with my life as I strive to make goals and make things happen as I had planned when I was younger.

Then there’s Mel (Mamie Gummer), Leigh’s friend. She has difficulties of getting pregnant at 30 and conflicting morals when Leigh has underage sex with one of her high school students where she is the principal. Also morals conflict when Leigh wants to smoke weed with the high schoolers and she doesn’t want to be a part of it. Oh how tough it is to be an adult. You have to stand firm in your rules but it’s hard when everybody else is having fun and doesn’t care about the rules. I was her during my “Jesus freak” days. Yes, I was called a prude because I didn’t act like all the horny, drunk teenagers and adolescent-adults of my time. So, I could definitely relate, not tot he point where I would have to call out my friend for having underage sex, but other conflicting morals. It sucks to be the odd-man out who just wants to follow the rules.

And then there’s Todd (Martin Starr), I couldn’t relate to him. Maybe because I am nothing like this man. But I guess my gay friends can. But I just find him as an accessory to the film that didn’t really bring much to the film. Although, it was nice to have him be Leigh’s sidekick.

Well that’s the Lifeguard. I didn’t tell it the way the movie did. But I gave you the reason why I give it a 4 out of 5 stars – ’cause I can relate.

Thanks for Netflix and Chilling with me. Who coined this term anyway? Well my definition is different, I literally am chilling.


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