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Arctic Zero vs Halo Top – Review

If you’re looking for one of those lower calorie and higher protein content pint of ice cream, there are many ice creams to choose from. The popular ones that a lot of body builders or those dieting but require a binge of ice cream on a daily basis guilt-free choose these higher protein lower calorie options for a tasty frozen treat — Arctic Zero and Halo Top ice creams — which both was found at Whole Foods Market. What I have noticed living in Southern California of the Orange County region, Arctic Zero is found easier in a wide variety of flavors at the healthier and/or farmers markets such as previously mentioned before Whole Foods Market and Sprouts. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any of these ice creams at Trader Joe’s, one of my favorite stores. Halo Top was only found at Whole Foods Market and the flavors were limited.

Photo edited, original from Arctic Zero website

Arctic Zero was the first ice cream I had tried while on my “lifestyle change” regimen. I had come across many people on Instagram boasting of this pint of ice cream and my taste buds came calling — I had to try it.

First of all, I realized how little calories these pints offer, 35-75 calories and 3 gm protein per 1/2 cup serving for a total of 150 to 300 calories a pint and 12 gm protein — when compared to the most indulgent ice cream known as Haagen Daz which compared to my favorite coffee flavor with a whopping 250 calories and 4 gm of protein per 1/2 cup serving for a total of 1000 calories and 16 gm protein per pint. Whoa…

Arctic Zero website claims its products contain zero fat, a low glycemic index, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO free, and is Kosher and vegetarian. Each pint can contain whey protein power (not vegan) which adds the extra punch of protein for all those protein lovers. It also contains monk fruit as its sugar source along with regular cane sugar. This is the first ice cream to claim to have fiber.

Halo Top
Photo edited, original photo from Halo Top website.

Halo Top ice cream has approximately 60 to 70 calories and 6 gm protein per 1/2 cup serving for a total of 240 to 280 calories and 24 gm protein per pint. It boasts low fat, contains dairy, and is gluten-free. Uses regular sugar, sugar alcohol, and stevia. This one is definitely not vegan for contains dairy products and eggs. This brand also contains a decent amount of fiber as well.

Now the most important part, taste. Hands down Halo Top trumps Arctic Zero and here’s why… they add some fat so it creates a creamy texture so it has a creamier mouth-feel and it has flavor. Arctic Zero is light in flavor or bland, the chunky pints tend to have more flavor than the original ones with the 35 calories. At first when trying the ice cream, all I could talk about was how bland this ice cream was, but because I had bought so many pints for I wanted to try various flavors, I kept eating them. Eventually I did get used to it, but when I tried Halo Top… I was shocked and surprised that it tasted better than I could have ever imagined. It tasted like real ice cream. I was only able to try Strawberry due to its limiting availability. Halo Top also feels like real ice cream. Arctic Zero was more of a sorbet minus the sugary flavor and can sometimes be a bit slimy.

Arctic Zero

  • Pros
    • Ranges from 35-75 calories per serving
    • Comes in a variety of flavors and types (bars, pints, and pints with chunks)
    • Cheaper and can be available in sales, as low as $3.99 per pint
    • Can order online
  • Cons
    • Contains less protein than Halo Top and even regular ice cream
    • Best served slightly melted
    • Melts quickly
    • Bland flavor
    • Sometimes slimy texture

Halo Top

  • Pros
    • Tastes and feels like ice cream
    • Ranges from 60-70 calories per serving
    • More protein with 24 gm protein per pint
    • Can order online
  • Cons
    • Limited accessibility
    • Limited flavors in stores
    • $6.99 per pint

Overall, I would buy either one. Sometimes you can grab the Arctic Zero if you are craving a nice cold pick me up without the heaviness of creamy ice creams on a warm summery day and there are times when you want a guilt-free ice cream just like ice cream. I would say, it depends on you. But if you did have to compare to regular ice cream, Halo Top has an edge over the Arctic Zero. The closer to ice cream it resembles, the happier this Fluffy Dietitian becomes.


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