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Experiencing Nomad Donuts of San Diego

My boyfriend and I visited family in San Diego. His sister and brother-in-law surprised us with Nomad donuts (this is their yelp account and their website). I have never been. I didn’t go to the physical store nor able to take some awesome pictures of the rest of the oh-so delicious merchandise of an array of colorful donuts, but I was able to taste them.

My goodness, I have been to the famous Donut Bar, but my boyfriend’s brother-in-law raved about Nomad donuts. I had their donuts in the back of my mind but Donut Bar was easily accessible at the time so we went there. I tried their donuts and they were good. But this time, the husband-wife duo went out to personally treat us with a box of these things called Nomad donuts! One look at these beauties and I was melting to the floor. Notice the picture above? There’s one donut missing, an extra ube donut that was scarfed down by our gifters. They got two of the same, it’s only natural.

The sweet aroma, the bright pastel colors, the different designs — ugh… I gotta have them all. Which we did, we took a bite of every donut and experienced the heavenly taste of Nomad Donuts. All the different flavor combinations worked. I was surprised by how well the pastry chef was able to infuse the various combinations of flavors into one donut and create a taste sensation beyond this world.

Take for example a watermelon, tamarind, chili donut. Can I just say, what? But this one donut, inspired this writer to drool and gaga enough to write a, wish I could say editorial, piece to explain the wonders of the flavors comprised in the glaze alone. There was just a perfect balance of tang and sweetness, wasn’t spicy as you would think with the word chili in it. Nevertheless, these donuts… ugh — sublime!

There were other flavors that created a taste explosion in my mouth but forgetful writer forgot to jot down all the names. But some of them include popcorn something and guava something; which were all heavenly. They’re actually known for their ube donut according to my boyfriend’s sister, but I would say other flavors are outranking it and I would urge you readers to try different flavors that will leave your mouth feel good. 

Their yeast dough is different from other donuts I have eaten. When cooked and prepared, they come out to be fluffy and this Fluffy Dietitian loves anything fluffy! I would have to say it’s not dense like cake donuts and it’s not like the old fashion yeast donuts. Instead, it has a texture that’s their own, a fluffy donut. It works. It’s light and delicious and pairs perfectly with the glaze to bread ratio which equals amahhhzing!

Nomad Donuts did not pay me to write this, I doubt anybody would pay me to write a review. But boy, if I were able to be paid to write reviews, I would do this place for free for they do absolutely deserve it. By far, hands down, my favorite donuts in the world! I die.

FYI: Flavors change, so hurry up and try all the different flavors for they change ever so quickly.

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