DIY – Non-Toxic Ant Killer

When I think of home, I think of comfort. But for our home, I’m surrounded by pesky ants. It’s been a few years since our house went under remodeling but the contractor we had hired were poor in construction. In the end, we suffer with consequences of ants raiding our home annually during the summer.


Image courtesy of TAW4 at FreeDigitalPhotos

After much research, I had always wanted to do a mixture of borax and sugar to help get rid of ant colonies around my home for it was considered safe and non-toxic. My boyfriend was very motivated and decided to rid the ants for good.

Ant Destroyer recipe includes 3:1 sugar to borax ratio. There are many recipes out there that talk of using borax and sugar to kill ant colonies but my boyfriend decided to use this one from Household Hacker via YouTube.

Ant Killer Recipe:

  • 3 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1 Tbsp Borax
  • Eyeball water

Place Sugar and borax mixture into a container, slowly incorporate water into the mixture to dissolve the mixture until a syrupy consistency occurs.

We placed the mixture in the container to attract the ants, but then my boyfriend wanted to get quicker results by placing the sugar mixture along the route where the ants were appearing. The Ants were instantly attracted to the mixture and a swarm of ants started to come to the mixture. The results won’t be immediate so you must continue to do this until you become ant free. The idea is that the ants will carry the mixture to their colony and the ants inside the colony will be destroyed. Slowly but surely, we hope to see less ants.


This was one of the many tips on the YouTube video. We just used one of them. I am looking forward to a lesser ant-filled home. Good-Bye there colony of ants!


Update: The ants disappeared the next day with only about a few stragglers left behind. Other than that, it was a success!


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