Weight Loss Diary

Weight Loss Journey

I call myself the Fluffy Dietitian for a reason —  I know what to do, just haven’t been doing it. Nutrition was always very interesting to me for I had to deal with weight issues my whole life and finally I lost weight when I entered college. Days filled with walking around campus and lugging heavy textbooks everywhere helped me to lose 10 lbs. Then joined Weight Watchers and lost an additional 20 lbs. It was such an accomplishment from going to 150 lbs to 120 lbs.


These pictures are from 150 lbs to 120 lbs. This is where I started to lose my weight and felt good about myself.

After reaching my goal, I stopped caring about what I ate, thought that I looked great, felt great, didn’t realize I had to continue what I was doing to maintain my then physique. I happened to maintain what I had lost for I remained active and traveling helped tremendously. This was all before I entered my nutrition major. I started to understand nutrition better and I realized I wasn’t eating healthy. I gained a lot of knowledge then.


Reality set in when I graduated from my undergrad. Internship came and it was like working 5 days a week, similar to that of an average adult would do plus additional studying afterwards. Life was tiring. Life became hard to juggle. Less activity started to settle in. Weight started ballooning. And then stress eating restarted.



Gaining my weight back.

As a dietitian, I am suppose to be able to put myself back on track with ease but that is not the case. Let’s just name the elephant in the room, Shanaynay. Shanaynay struggles with weight. I am Shanaynay.

People have been telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. It’s a bit shameful to know that non-nutrition specialists are telling me what to do and I’m the dietitian here. Insert Chandler’s voice here from Friends TV show, “Can it be anymore annoying.” But I guess they have a point, I am not taking care of myself. I allowed laziness to set in and forgot what being healthy was about. Now people don’t care what I have learned because why would you listen to a fat dietitian.

It’s usually a cycle that occurs. You get motivated, then you work out and start pulling out all your tricks and start cooking healthy again and you become exhausted from so much that after a week or two later, you stop. Then you get back into your lazy habits again. After a few weeks of overindulging and 2-3 lbs heavier, you muster all your motivation back and repeat the cycle of working out and eating healthy again. Then over exhaustion and laziness kicks in. Do you see the pattern here?

Well, I decided to stop letting my laziness dictate my future. Slowly but surely, I plan on incorporating my active lifestyle back into my life. I am hoping to find a way to incorporate activity into my life. So don’t judge Shanaynay.

Shanaynay is trying.


If you would like to read more on this weight loss journey, check out this next post on what this writer did to incorporate a little bit of exercise back into her life.

Working Out with YouTube



3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey

  1. Ur blog is amazing! I love this its so real and honest and i hope I can follow u on this journey and lose w u!!!

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