Weight Loss Diary

Working Out with YouTube

This Fluffy Dietitian decided to start being healthy. There are key things to being healthy, eating right by incorporating all the food groups in balance, drinking plenty of water if you are of average health and no underlying conditions that has any fluid restrictions, get plenty of sleep, receive hugs for release of healthy endorphins, and finally get your body moving by incorporating some cardio, stretching, and strength training.

Decided I wanted to do U-Jam (group aerobic dance class at the gym) but got out of work a bit late and didn’t make it on time. Then decided to walk with a friend, but that fell through (#fail). Then finally after sitting on the couch and refreshing on some good ole’ TV, decided that it was time to get my body into gear but didn’t want to drive to the gym and it was dark so decided didn’t want to lure any kidnap vans by exercising outdoors alone.

AH-HA… decided to browse YouTube for possibly fun sessions that I can do for free. I usually like having someone direct me on what to do, because I know my lazy self will not push myself to try harder. So since I haven’t been as active, I let myself take it easy and have fun. If you don’t have fun, habits won’t stick. I just wanted to do something that was simple.

My first video was from Kayla Itsines, an Aussie, who is known for her cardio workouts that’s short but makes a big impact with the right nutrition.

Her videos describe you to do this set of workouts for 7 minutes, now you can repeat this set as many times until the 7 minutes are up, then you rest for 60 seconds, and repeat another 7 minutes. I only did one set for the two sets of 7 minutes. Oh boy was it tough, but never-the-less I stuck through it while huffing and puffing. That was a nice change of pace.

Then I decided I needed to relax and enjoy some stretching. Decided to do this workout video by Yoga with Adriene. It was a quick 20 minute video on the basics of yoga. This video is for real beginners and enjoyed the meditation of it all. This is definitely for beginners and wouldn’t recommend this video if you have been doing yoga or exercising for quite some time. But would be nice for the ultimate newbie lacking strength and haven’t exercised in a long time.

Well, that was  a lovely start for a new beginning. Hope you enjoyed these two videos. It’s better to take it easy and slowly incorporate more exercise as appropriate. Best of all, learn to have fun!


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